Nutella Color Drawing

I did a color drawing after many months. I really can’t remember the last time I did one. For some reason I doesn’t look the same when I take a picture.

Nutella Color Drawing

So this drawing I started it many months ago and got busy with other things and didn’t have the motivation to finish it. Finally I got the motivation to finish it because one of my friend’s birthday was coming up and she likes Nutella.  When I first found out about her birthday I remembered I had this drawing started and decided to finish it so she could see it.

Since I don’t have many color pencils. I don’t have all the different types of shades for each color. I have to use what I have so it doesn’t always match the same color in the reference I use.

I think it looks better on the top and the quality lowers as you go down the drawing. I guess I got lazy and not careful while I was doing it. It’s a problem I have, I always lose motivation and the quality doesn’t always stay the same.

That’s one thing I have to improve.


4 thoughts on “Nutella Color Drawing

  1. I think it looks very good. You will feel more confident the more you practice – your practice pieces won’t all measure up to your standards, but that is just the nature of learning to draw.

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  2. This looks cool! Anyone who knows me can tell you I LOVE Nutella…I think it’s an obsession 🙂
    As you go along, you’ll progress and get better. Practice and determination are key! It is natural to get discouraged or bored while working on a certain drawing, but if you just stick with it and have fun with it, it turns out so much better in the end. Every piece is a piece to be proud of!

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