Digimon: Agumon

Another anime drawing to post today. This time it’s Agumon from Digimon.



9 x 12 in. SketchBook

Color Pencils

Graphite pencil

I first started the drawing with a pencil sketch. Ather I finished it and erased the extra lines I outlined it with a black color pencil. Once I finished the outline I colored in the rest. I could never get the smooth coloring like I see other artists do. It’s still something I am working on every time I color. I always end up with the lines that can be seen in the drawing.

Well, I know that with practice I will get better and achieve the smooth look I want in the future.

When I took the picture I didn’t notice the drawing on the next page is visible. lol


Pokemon: Umbreon

One of the first anime that I have watched was pokemon. I have drawn many Pokemon and want to continue drawing them. Umbreon is one ot them I have drawn.


Material Used:

9 x 12 in. SketchBook

Charcoal pencil, Hard and Soft sizes


It had been awhile since I used charcoal for art. I always have fun using charcoal. It makes me feel like a little kid. Using my fingers to mix the charcoal around the paper. Using charcoal pencils I can make the correct shade of greys and black I need. Also, that it is in pencil form I can make more precise lines and keep the drawing clean.

It’s always fun and easy to work with charcoal.

Pikachu Sad

This is a really old drawing. About 2 years I guess.

Sad Pikachu
Cute Pikachu sad

The materials I used for this drawing is Pastels. I saw it online and saw how cute and sad it was. I had just recently bougth some pastels and needed to use them. When I saw it I imediatly thought about how it would look like in pastels. I’m not really good at using pastels so it also was partice for me.

When I finally finished the drawing I like it. For some reason I like how emotional Pikachu looks in the drawing. It was hard to make the tears with pastels, but I tried my best.

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One Punch Man

One of the best anime I have seen lately. He is super funny.

Saitama from one punch man

My friend likes him also so I was asked and I also wanted to draw him. The fights in the anime are amazing and some become funny. I wish they make the second season. 

I was really surprised by the finished product. When I started I never thought it would look like this. I want to make more in this style when I can. 

I used Bristol smooth paper and markers to make him. I first sketch in pencil then ink. I filled in the places where I want it black. 

Ponyo on the cliff

One of my friends told me to watch this movie. I watched it and I really liked it. If you haven’t seen it look for it. 

Anime movie ponyo on the cliff

I even did a drawing of one of the scenes of the movie. I sometimes still go back and watch a little of the movie. 

For the draw I used pencil, marker, and a regular sketchbook book.

First I did it in pencil and after I filled the black parts with the marker. Hope you like it. 

Pio from Potion Maker

This drawing is from a mobile game called Potion Maker which one of my friends likes really much. She told me to play it and I decided to draw it. Wow I do a lot of drawings for friends. Hahaha 

Hope you like the drawing. I really improvised a lot on the wings. I was just drawing at random and it came out like that. Well I think it’s cute. 

If you have a request  for a drawingjust leave a comment. Thanks. 

Kid Kakashi drawing

Yeah, as you can see I like anime. I watch a lot of different kind of anime. Some people will know who this is, but for the ones that don’t. It’ll Kakashi from Naruto. I just like the character Kakashi which is why I decided to draw him. 

I’ll talk a little bit about the drawing. Halfway through it I decided to give him a more 3 dimensional look instead of the 2D style. I think it came out good. 

Leave comments about what you think and suggestions on what to draw next.