For an artist that uses graphite pencils the eraser is an important item.


HB pencil

9 x 12 sketchbook

Eraser đŸ˜€ 


Initially when I started this drawing it was from pure boredom and nothing to draw. That’s when I say my eraser on the desk. It looked easy and fast to draw in 1 hour. When finishing it I liked how it turned out. I left the finish drawing there. 

When I finally thought about posting it here. I got the idea of it could be a tribute to all the work our erasers go through. Their life is literally gone the more mistakes we do. They will last longer the less mistakes we do. 

In the end this drawing ended​ up as a tribute to all the erasers that have died in their duty. 

Aloe Vera Ink Drawing

I did this drawing about 5 years ago. I went outside and made it with a pen. It was super fun to do it.



Ink Pen


It was the first time I tried drawing in this style. I really just made random lines trying to get the shape. The acutal shading of the drawing was easier for me because thats how I usually do shading anyways.  I was proud of my drawing when I first did it. Now I think I can probably do it better.

I haven’t tried doing drawings like this, but someday I’ll try to do one again.

I’m not really good at writing a lot. So almost all my posts are really short and most of it is just the drawing. hahaha

Emotional Creature

When I first saw this I thouth how cute it looked. I had fun drawing it.

Sad Creature
When your are feeling

I made this drawing a long time ago in art class. It’s so cute and sad at the same time for some reason.

They way the creature is crying looking at the flower gives me looks of emotions when I looked at the drawing.

The style I used to shade is somewhat different from what I usually do. That’s why I like how it came out when I finished it.

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Pikachu Sad

This is a really old drawing. About 2 years I guess.

Sad Pikachu
Cute Pikachu sad

The materials I used for this drawing is Pastels. I saw it online and saw how cute and sad it was. I had just recently bougth some pastels and needed to use them. When I saw it I imediatly thought about how it would look like in pastels. I’m not really good at using pastels so it also was partice for me.

When I finally finished the drawing I like it. For some reason I like how emotional Pikachu looks in the drawing. It was hard to make the tears with pastels, but I tried my best.

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One Punch Man

One of the best anime I have seen lately. He is super funny.

Saitama from one punch man

My friend likes him also so I was asked and I also wanted to draw him. The fights in the anime are amazing and some become funny. I wish they make the second season. 

I was really surprised by the finished product. When I started I never thought it would look like this. I want to make more in this style when I can. 

I used Bristol smooth paper and markers to make him. I first sketch in pencil then ink. I filled in the places where I want it black. 

Stormtrooper drawing

The story behind this drawing is long but simple. Another of my friends really likes star wars and she talks about it a lot. So she told me she likes the stormtroopers the most. 

Picture of the drawing

Star wars stormtrooper drawing.

So she’s also a drawing and wanted me to draw something with me and it ended being this. So I finished it and on still waiting for hers hahaha. I think she will never do it. 

I like his left side the most for some reason. 

Give and tips or requests for drawings if you like. Really appreciate them. 

Ponyo on the cliff

One of my friends told me to watch this movie. I watched it and I really liked it. If you haven’t seen it look for it. 

Anime movie ponyo on the cliff

I even did a drawing of one of the scenes of the movie. I sometimes still go back and watch a little of the movie. 

For the draw I used pencil, marker, and a regular sketchbook book.

First I did it in pencil and after I filled the black parts with the marker. Hope you like it. 

Pio from Potion Maker

This drawing is from a mobile game called Potion Maker which one of my friends likes really much. She told me to play it and I decided to draw it. Wow I do a lot of drawings for friends. Hahaha 

Hope you like the drawing. I really improvised a lot on the wings. I was just drawing at random and it came out like that. Well I think it’s cute. 

If you have a request  for a drawingjust leave a comment. Thanks. 


Drawing the hands of a friend.

I like how the drawing ended out. I surprised myself. Well I had a lot of work doing this drawing. I should my friend the first sketch and she didn’t react in a positive way. Hahaha. Until I finally showed her the finish drawing she love it. The sketch look horrible and deformed. It was big and without details. Good thing I finally finished the drawing.