Pikachu Sad

This is a really old drawing. About 2 years I guess.

Sad Pikachu
Cute Pikachu sad

The materials I used for this drawing is Pastels. I saw it online and saw how cute and sad it was. I had just recently bougth some pastels and needed to use them. When I saw it I imediatly thought about how it would look like in pastels. I’m not really good at using pastels so it also was partice for me.

When I finally finished the drawing I like it. For some reason I like how emotional Pikachu looks in the drawing. It was hard to make the tears with pastels, but I tried my best.

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Kid Kakashi drawing

Yeah, as you can see I like anime. I watch a lot of different kind of anime. Some people will know who this is, but for the ones that don’t. It’ll Kakashi from Naruto. I just like the character Kakashi which is why I decided to draw him. 

I’ll talk a little bit about the drawing. Halfway through it I decided to give him a more 3 dimensional look instead of the 2D style. I think it came out good. 

Leave comments about what you think and suggestions on what to draw next.