Aloe Vera Ink Drawing

I did this drawing about 5 years ago. I went outside and made it with a pen. It was super fun to do it.



Ink Pen


It was the first time I tried drawing in this style. I really just made random lines trying to get the shape. The acutal shading of the drawing was easier for me because thats how I usually do shading anyways.  I was proud of my drawing when I first did it. Now I think I can probably do it better.

I haven’t tried doing drawings like this, but someday I’ll try to do one again.

I’m not really good at writing a lot. So almost all my posts are really short and most of it is just the drawing. hahaha


One of my drawings that I like the most.


So I guess I can right a little story about this drawing. It won’t be to interesting.

I was bored without knowing what to draw. I decided to go outside to look around my enviroment to see if I could get insirped. Walking around I walked to one of my neighbors tree that was crosing over the fence. When I looked at the leaf it immediatly caught my attaintion beacuase of the detail it had. I really like to draw things with many details in them. So when I say this I took a picture with my phone to start drawing it. When I finished I started doing the shading of the leaf. This part is the one I enjoy the most. I love how with just adding pencil in specific places the drawing comes alive and realistic. That’s what I love the most about drawing.

Thanks for reading or just looking at the drawing. haha

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